Bookmarked – Stills Gallery Sydney

The Archive is delighted to be a partner in the exhibition ‘Bookmarked’, running at Stills Gallery Sydney from 4 March to 28 March, 2015.

The exhibition includes: Deidre Brollo, Danny Digby, Stephen Dupont, Anne Ferran, Chris Fortescue, Nicholas Jones, Sarah McConnell, Trent Parke, Louis Porter, Madeleine Preston, Kurt Schranzer*, Teo Treloar*, as well as nearly 50 books on special loan from the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive. See full listing of books featured below.


Full listing of all the archive books on display:

Cristina De Middel — Chairman Mao Tse Tung/Party
Yoshikatsu Fujii — Welcome Home
Felix Wilson/ Jacob Raupach / William Horan — Radiata
Kris Veraeke — Ad Finitum
Sean Lee — Shauna
Felix Wilson — Winter, Possums
Dina Gadia — Buxxxom Grind
Ridhwan Saidi — Odisi Romansa
Munem Wasif — Belonging
Doug Spowart — Proposal for New Australian Landforms
Polly Borland — You
Harvey Benge — Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
Harvey Benge — Some things you should have told me
Renne Ellis — Cup Fever
Fujiwara Atsushi — Butterfly had a Dream
Lucien Rizos — A Man Walks Out of a Bar
David Straight — Part, Transit 2013
Zhang Xiao — They
Eyewitness — Corporate Plan 2008-2009
Shuichiro Shibata — Bus Stop
Karl Binger — The Green Crescent Classifieds and Supplements
Nifty Simarisu — Moon
Miti Ruangkritya — Thai Politics #2
Miti Ruangkritya — Thai Politics #3
Sam Stephenson (x4) — One two three four
Yi Hui — Winds from Aydingkol
Gabriel Nilsen — Ibankwie
Bloom  — Oasis
Jack Shelton — Finish with the Spinach #2
George Alexander & Peter Lyssiotis — The Dead Travel Fast
Max Pam — Narcolepsy
Zhao Renhui — A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World
Zhao Renhui — Horses and Canaries

Ingvar Kenne — Citizen
Akemi Ohara — Broken Hallelujah
Li Kejun — The Good Earth
Zahra Killeen-Chance & Solomon Mortimer — When the sun sets your eyes change colour  (I hope this is true)
Dito Yuwono — Recollecting Memories of Tukang Foto Keliling (itinerant photographer)
Michael Corridore — Angry Black Snake
Lloyd Stubber — Zeal
Daichi Koda — Photographs
Nguan — How Loneliness Goes
Simon Devitt — Portrait of a House
Sarah Soquel Morehaim — Year of the Ghost



Photobook Melbourne Festival 2015 – Feb 12-22

Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

The biggest Photobook event ever to hit Australia, and the only photobook festival in the Asia-Pacific region.

2015 special guests included:

Indie Photobook Library (USA)

The Library Project (Photo Ireland)

The Natural Collection (UK)

Aperture/Paris Photo Awards 2010-2013

Angel Luis Gonzalez – Photo Ireland

Ron Jude – USA

Robert Zhao Renhui – Singapore

Dysturb – France

Check out the website for more details: Photobook Melbourne



Photos from MCA Photobook Day – May 25th 2014:

On May 25th we co-ordinated a Photobook Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. This was the only the second photobook day ever held by a major public institution in Australia – the first being at the NGV that we organised earlier this year. Australia’s photography community came together to show and share their books. We had almost 1500 people through and the day was filled with friendly, sharing, caring vibes. Later on in the day Archive Director Daniel Boetker-Smith organised a public seminar called ‘The Contemporary Photobook’, chaired by Prof. Christopher Stewart (UTS) which featured a discussion with the country’s leading publishers, distributors, editors, and makers of photobooks; as well as special guest (via NZ and Paris) prolific photo book maker Harvey Benge.

Thanks go to: Georgie Meagher and her team (MCA), Prof. Chris Stewart (UTS), Julie Moss (PSC), Bella Capezio (Archive), Lisa Golden (Archive), Heidi Romano (Photobook Melbourne), Harvey Benge, Moshe Rosenveig (Head On), Helen Frajman (M33), Benjamin Chadbond (Try Hard Magazine), Ying Ang, Dan Rule (Perimeter) and all the exhibitors, booksellers, and participants who are too numerous to mention.

Lots of photos below – thanks to the MCA for the pics:

DSC_6296 DSC_6336 DSC_6332 DSC_6329 DSC_6309 DSC_6305 DSC_6295 DSC_6289 DSC_6279 DSC_6272 DSC_6269 DSC_6258 DSC_6247 DSC_5835 DSC_5823 DSC_5817 DSC_5806 DSC_5802 DSC_5798 DSC_5793 DSC_5789 DSC_5774 DSC_5770 DSC_5766 DSC_5608 DSC_5600 DSC_5596 DSC_5590


June: Melbourne’s First Photobook Making Workshop!


ONE-DAY PHOTOBOOK-MAKING WORKSHOP, MELBOURNE, Sat 28th June, 2014:The Archive is delighted to announce, in conjunction with MIchelle Lackenby at, the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Strange Neighbour, & Edmund Pearce – that we are running our 1st photobook-making workshop.We’ve brought together a dream-team of Melbourne-based photography experts to help you design, sequence and construct your photobook. The day will take place across three sites in Melbourne’s photo precinct in Fitzroy – with the workshop located at the CCP.At the end of the day you’ll receive expert feedback, and have a book launch party at the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive.

There are only 15 spots available – book thru Eventbrite – see link below for further details – who is involved and prices etc:


May: Harvey Benge talk – presented by the Archive and

Photography Studies College, Melbourne – 6pm, May 22nd,


harvey fies Internationally renowned photographer, prolific photobook maker and publisher Harvey Benge will be visiting Melbourne for one night to discuss his photographic practice, and the photobook. Harvey Benge is a New Zealand-based photographer who since the early 1990s has been working between Auckland and Paris. Harvey has released numerous photobook works with publishers in Britain, France and Germany. He is also particularly interested in print-on-demand possibilities and has self-published a number of limited edition photobooks under his own imprint FAQEDITIONS. Harvey has also conducted workshops alongside Sandra Phillips, Lewis Baltz, John Gossage, Alec Soth, Rineke Dijkstra, Todd Hido, Paul Graham, Pieter Hugo, Antoine d’Agata and many others. He has new books coming out soon with Dewi Lewis (UK) and with Superlabo (Japan). The talk will take place at Photography Studies College – in the studio, Ground Floor, 65 City Rd, Southbank, Melbourne.


May: Photobook Day at the

Museum of Contemporary Art,

Sydney – 11-4pm 25th May 2014



This event is supported by: HEAD-ON PHOTO FESTIVAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIES COLLEGE, MELBOURNE   Australia’s photobook community is under one roof for one day only, alongside the MCA’s 2014 Zine Fair. The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive has brought together the nation’s leading photobook publishers and editors, alongside the leading indie and street photobook producers and makers who will be selling, showing and discussing their work. The Archive itself will be present – showing around 40 books not published or distributed in Australia. In addition to dozens of local self-publishers and international photographers – these are some of the attendees: Heavy Collective M.33 Bloom Perimeter Books Mack Pearce Press Momento Blurb Are you a Photobook enthusiast/maker? Bring along a copy of your dummy book/s to show and share on the day. If you wish to bring books to sell – get in touch: SEMINAR: THE CONTEMPORARY PHOTOBOOK (3-430pm) This event will feature book signings, book launches and a free seminar on the theme of the contemporary photobook in Australia. Confirmed speakers are: Dan Rule (Perimeter Books, Vault magazine, The Age) Helen Frajman (M33) Harvey Benge (photographer) Benjamin Chadbond (Try Hard magazine) Ying Ang (photographer) Daniel Boetker-Smith (APPA) Chair: Prof. Christopher Stewart (UTS) This event is supported by: MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, SYDNEY HEAD-ON PHOTO FESTIVAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIES COLLEGE, MELBOURNE


March: Melbourne Now

Photobook Day

Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive was very proud to present the Melbourne Now Photobook Day at the National Gallery of Victoria on March 7. Throughout the day at the NGV International Community Space around 30 local photographers showed and talked about their photobooks. We featured renowned local photographers, printers, publishers, editors and makers sharing their photobook wisdom, as well as the opportunity a photobook bookmaking workshop run by Michelle Lackenby at We had over 500 visitors on the day, and plenty of fun. Thanks to the following will be taking part in the day: Perimeter Books M.33 Unless you will Hard Workers Club Hillvale Dawn Press Bloom Publishing The day was supported by Photography Studies College 1025581_270610853114530_2090065742_o 1102752_270607793114836_1510134458_o 1401701_270608259781456_660398457_o 1898762_270605393115076_329249339_o 1976970_270608619781420_131812938_n 10001318_270608623114753_1283253391_n 10012135_270606826448266_1378595363_o 10013963_270608553114760_2051422227_n 1888864_262690030573279_1776930870_o




Quick update on Melbourne Now Photobook Day – we will be running a photobook making workshop at 1pm on the day (as well as talks throughout the day). If you wish you can print a series of prints (on any type of paper) at A4 or A5 size. Just ensure you leave a 3cm border all the way around the image on each page to allow for the binding. If you dont wish to use your own images you may bring old magazines, books etc to cut up and paste to make a photobook on the day.

See you there

Pictured below Emma Barrett’s ‘In Search of Stillness’.


The ASIA-PACIFIC PHOTOBOOK ARCHIVE is proud to present the Melbourne Now Photobook Day taking place at the National Gallery of Victoria on March 7 – 11am-4pm.

Throughout the day at the NGV International Community Space around 30 local photographers will show and talk about their photobooks.

We will feature renowned local photographers, printers, publishers, editors and makers sharing their photobook wisdom, as well as the opportunity to make your own photobook in free bookmaking workshops run by Paperlab. Visitors are also welcome to bring their own photobooks to share, and (if they wish) donate a copy to the archive. We are excited to announce the following will be taking part in the day: Perimeter Books M.33 Unless you will Hard Workers Club Hillvale Dawn Press Bloom Publishing Supported by Photography Studies College

Facebook event link


PHOTOBOOK LAUNCH – Saturday March 1st


Kelvin Skewes

Downloadable PDF event info

We are proud to host the launch of Kelvin Skewes’ newspaper-style photo publication: ‘Nauru: What was taken and what was given’. Kelvin’s photobook will be officially launched by Julian Burnside AO QC. Saturday March 1st 2pm – 4pm Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, 395-397 Gore Street Fitzroy VIC. Copies will be available to purchase. Publication Price: $10 (cash only)

“The Micronesian island nation of Nauru is the world’s smallest republic, with a land area of just 21 square kilometres. With over seventy per cent of the island’s landmass mined out as a result of phosphate mining, Nauru relies on aid and patronage from other countries to survive.
Nauru hosts three regional processing centres, part of Australia’s revamped ‘Pacific Solution’ asylum seeker policy. These centres currently house over 900 asylum seekers including Iranians, Afghans, Sudanese, Sri Lankans and Vietnamese.
Kelvin Skewes’ publication ‘Nauru: What was taken and what was given’ examines this very real microcosm allowing us ask questions about extraction industries, the viability of the nation state, twentieth century colonialism, twenty-first century paternalism, as well as our transnational and intergenerational responsibilities.”

Look forward to seeing you there!


Photobook Archive Space Launch

Thanks so much to everyone who turned out last night for the opening of our new Archive space at 395 Gore St Fitzroy Melbourne. We had hundreds of people turn out for our joint opening with Strange Neighbour’s opening of their new Todd Anderson-Kunert’s show. Thanks also to Jesse Marlow for being our guest of honour and officially opening the space. We will be open Thurs-Sat 11-6. Come in, waste a few hours, and get inspired by looking at photobooks from all over the Asia-Pacific region.

outside view of space space



JACOB RAUPACH for his book ‘Radiata’.

Check out his work here:

Congratulations to Jacob, his solo show at Colour Factory Gallery in Fitzroy Melbourne will open in early April. The Archive team and the crew at Colour Factory are looking forward to working with him.

Also a big congratulations to the runners-up Emma Barrett and Briony Galligan. The judges were also very impressed with their work and the decision was a very tough one, with lots of discussion, healthy disagreement, and critical appraisal of all the books.

Thanks once again to all the entrants – each of the judges commented on the high standard of the work, and of the book production on display. The top ten books shortlisted will be available for viewing at Colour Factory alongside Jacob’s work in April.


Each of the judges chose an entrant to offer a one-off mentoring session. Some entrants have been selected for two mentoring sessions – they are as follows:

Tim Bruce (Edmund Pearce): Sam Wong

Jason McQuoid (Edmund Pearce): Emma Barrett

Justine Ellis & Dan Rule (Perimeter): Elliott Lauren

Linsey Gosper & Ash Kerr (Strange Neighbour): Jacob Raupach

Clare Rae (artist): Briony Galligan

Helen Frajman (M33): Emma Barrett

Katrin Koenning (artist): Keith Parsons

Heidi Romano (Unless You Will): Keith Parsons

Gianni Frinzi (T&G Publishing): Sam Wong

Shaune Lakin (Monash Gallery of Art): Briony Galligan

Daniel Boetker-Smith (Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive): Lindsay Varvari

Congratulations to all. See you in April.


Photobook Awards

The shortlisting process for the 2013 Australian Student Photobook Awards has been completed – and we are delighted to announce the shortlist is as follows (in no particular order):

Keith Parsons – ‘Latrobe Valley Power’

Matt Jones – ‘Lakes of Gokyo’

Nina White – ‘Stay’

Lindsay Varvari – ‘Return to Me’

Elliott Lauren – ‘100 Likes Guarantee’

Emma Barrett – ‘In Search of Stillness’

Jacob Raupach – ‘Radiata’

Briony Galligan – ‘Not Like Flying’

Sam Wong – ‘Wild for the Night’

Kirsty Macafee – ‘Playing the Hand’

Congratulations to all the shortlisted photographers and to the many many entrants to who took their time to produce and send in their book from all over Australia. All books submitted for the competition (unless you have stated otherwise) will become part of the archive and will be posted online soon. All books entered for the competition will also be available to view on the night of our grand re-opening 21st Feb 2014 at our new space on the corner of Gore & Kerr sts in Fitzroy, next to Strange Neighbour.

Thanks also to our judges: Phil Virgo (Colour Factory), Tim Bruce & Jason McQuoid (Edmund Pearce), Gianni Frinzi (T&G Publishing), Dan Rule & Justine Ellis (Perimeter), Katrin Koenning (artist), Helen Frajman (M33), Heidi Romano (Unless You Will), Shaune Lakin (Monash Gallery of Art), Clare Rae (artist), Linsey Gosper & Ash Kerr (Strange Neighbour).

The GRAND PRIZE (a solo exhibition at Colour Factory Gallery) will be announced within the next week, along with the numerous other prizes inc. one-to-one mentoring sessions with someone from the judging panel.



PICTURE BERLIN 2014 INFO SESSION in MELBOURNE – by Melanie Irwin (2013 Picture Berlin alum)

Hosted by the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive & Photography Studies College Melbourne.

Wednesday 22nd January 6pm Photography Studies College 65 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006 The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive is delighted to announce that Australian artist Melanie Irwin (2013 Picture Berlin participant) will be talking about her work, and the experience of applying for, funding, and participating in Picture Berlin 2013. This is a free information session for those Melbourne-based photogaphers/artists interested in advancing their practice, making professional connections, and gaining experience in the thriving art and cultural centre that is Berlin. Applications for Picture Berlin 2014 close 8th February. PICTURE BERLIN, now in its 5th year, is a 6-week summer program designed for emerging artists working in contemporary art and photography. Founded in 2009 by artists for artists, PICTURE BERLIN continues to be run by artists as a hybrid program merging the concentrated studio practice of an artist residency with the support of the art academy. The free downloadable application is open to artists everywhere. For further insight into the program and program fees: or contact us directly: Melanie Irwin’s practice blurs distinctions between sculpture and performance. Recent works examine the body’s relationship with built structures and found geometric objects. Irwin recently completed an MFA at the VCA.

Facebook Event Page

Pic: Terminus Loop (Warschauer Straße), performance still (2013). Photo: Richard Rocholl



The wonderful Emaho Magazine recently asked Yumi Goto, Marcelo Brodsky, Markus Schaden, Manik Katyal, and I to list our ‘most interesting photobooks of 2013’.

I was asked to compile an ‘Australian-only’ top 5 photobooks. Enjoy.



This is the time of year when everyone in the world is publishing their ‘Photobook of the Year’ lists – we thought we’d add to the abundance, and do the same. And in the spirit of the Archive’s goals, the majority of these books are self-published and not distributed globally, therefore do not get the attention they deserve on the international photobook market and in festivals, fairs, and exhibitions. Unfortunately I dont have the time to write about each book,  but suffice to say they are beautiful objects, contain powerful and passionate messages, are range from hilarious, to  sad, to poetic.

Well done to all the photographers listed, and to all who have donated books to the Archive this year, this was a very difficult list to make, and on another day we would probably choose a different ten books altogether.

Anyway – here is our list of the top ten photobooks published in 2013. These are books that feature work made in the Asia-Pacific region or are by a photographer from the Asia-Pacific region, and have been donated to the Archive.

Support these amazing photographers – follow the links and buy a copy.

The list (in no particular order):

1) Munem Wasif BELONGING – published by Clémentine de la Féronnière – For more info

2) Paul Kooiker POLITICAL CHAOS – published by Etudes Books – For more info

3) Jacob Raupach RADIATA – self-published – for more info

4) Ying Ang SENTIRE/TO FEEL – self published – for more info

5) Nguan HOW LONLINESS GOES – self-published – for more info

6) Atsushi Fujiwara NANGOKUSHO – published by Sokyusha – for more info

7) Louis Porter CONFLICT RESOLUTION – self-published – for more info

8) Weilun Chong PLEASE MIND THE GAP – self-published – for more info

9) Nozomi Iijima SCOFFING PIG – self-published (with Reminders Photography Stronghold) – for more info

10) Zhao Renhui A GUIDE TO THE FLORA AND FAUNA OF THE WORLD – published by the Institute of Critical Zoologists – for more info

Happy New Year,



A quick thanks. We’ve come to the end of our first year and the Archive would not have come so far without the support and hard work of a few people – Sarah Pannell, Emma Phillips, Bella Capezio, Christine McFetridge, Alex Quinlan, Jack Shelton, Daniel Bornstein, Connie Kabega, & JJ Tan. Also want to thank everybody at the Australia China Art Foundation in Melbourne for giving us a space to house the archive in the last few months of the year – and also to Heidi Romano, Katrin Koenning, Jason McQuoid, Tim Bruce. To the talented Melinda Gibson for running the first ever Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive workshop, to the new friends we have made in Tokyo, Malaysia, Ballarat, and Cambodia through our visits, and to the many more friends we have made via electronic means. Special thanks to the members of our advisory panel – especially Yumi Goto, Manik Katyal and Markus Schaden. And finally to Larissa Leclair, founder of the Indie Photobook Library in the USA, whose original and fantastic idea we used as a template to establish the Archive. Much Love to you all.


NOVEMBER 2013: Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia

APPA’s Daniel Boetker Smith and Isabella Capezio have had the pleasure of attending and taking part in the 2013 Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia! What a week it was!






Melinda Gibson comes to Melbourne!


more details on workshop

more details on artists talk



Forthcoming: book launches at Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive.

We are pleased to announce a ‘double’ book launch on Saturday October 5th at the Photobook Archive – 164 High St Prahran Melbourne.

1pm: John Ogden’s book SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS

230pm: Louise Whelan’s book NEW SETTLERS

Both photographers will be attending, talking about, and signing copies of their books for sale. There will also be a number of special limited editions prints available for purchase on the day.

NEW SETTLERS: The Hon Michael Kirby in his foreword says:

“This book sets out to capture the change that we have embraced. We have not yet overcome all of our anxieties and prejudices about people of different cultures, who look, sound and act differently. The way that many Australians still treat refugee applicants with hostility and fear is an illustration that xenophobia is hard to eradicate, and especially in a country that started with such deep feelings embedded in its attitudes and laws. Nevertheless, we have certainly made much progress. This book shows how much.” See media release for NEW SETTLERS

SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS: This is the legendary photojournalist Tim Page on John Ogden’s book:

“This is a life well travelled of a baby boomer who surfs an existential path across six decades, waxing the best of nostalgia against the odds that are self mitigated by the excesses of those times. It is a heritage of the hippest, most gonzo ‘down-under’ attitudes, rendered by images we all wish we had snapped. As if Hunter S. Thompson and Richard Neville shuffled photo cards with Robert Frank’ian images throughout the deck.” See media release for SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS Look forward to seeing you there! *


Grand Opening: Thanks to all who attended the grand opening of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive on Saturday 14th September. It was a busy day, and a great success. Here’s some pics of the event courtesy of Sam Kidkong Wong. Special thanks to Yashian Schauble, Jeongho Lee & Sophie McKinnon of the Australia-China Art Foundation. And to the fantastic volunteers who make the day-to-day running of the Archive possible. *


Here it is! The first picture of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive headquarters – 164 High St, Prahran, Melbourne (upstairs from the Australia-China Art Foundation – Grand opening is on at 1-3pm Saturday 14th September, 2013. We will be permanently open Wed-Sat 12-4pm from the 18th September, 2013. We will have about 35 books on display – and will rotate the display each week. For a bit of fun we will be inviting artists, curators and publishers to ‘guest curate’ the books on show every once in a while. We have a few great book launches and workshops planned for the next few months, so keep an eye out for announcements. In addition to this physical space we shall still be featuring at festivals internationally – Singapore, Tokyo, and Cambodia to come later this year. If anyone needs a beautiful space to do photobook launches, photobook exhibitions, or photobook related events – we will not be charging for the use of the space – so get in touch: *


BALLARAT INTERNATIONAL FOTO BIENNALE The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive was delighted to be part of the 2013 Ballarat International Foto Biennale. We were located at BIFB HQ in the Mining Exchange and met some old and new friends. We showed approx. 30 books from all over the Asia-Pacific region and had a great response from the photo-fanatics at the festival – we had a lovely time. Thanks to Geoff Moorfoot (Festival Director) and all the team. And thanks to APPA interns Bella, Jack, & Christine for their help. BIFB 2013 photo 2 BIFB 2013 photo See you in 2015! + The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive is proud to announce that Founder/Director Daniel Boetker-Smith is on the jury for the Kassel Best Photobook 2013 Award. The jury comprises renowned photography experts from around the world. Each expert chooses his or her own favourite book published in the last year. The nominated books will be on show at the 6th International Photobook Festival Kassel, Germany from October 24th-27th in a special exhibition. All nominated books will also be included in a special e-book publication through Schaden. Daniel is very excited to be keeping such stellar company. Stay tuned for the announcement of his selection + The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive is pleased to announce that Manik Katyal has joined our advisory panel. Manik is the Curator, Photo editor and Editor-in-Chief of Emaho Magazine—an online publication that aims to put forward emerging artists by organizing international Exhibitions and workshops. Founder of Emaho Magazine, Manik is a journalist who has interviewed some of the world renowned photographers. Nominated for the ‘Creative Entrepreneur of 2012’ award by the British Council, Manik was a judge at the FORMAT International Photography Festival, United Kingdom, The Reminders Stronghold Project Grant, Japan and German Photo Festival – FotoDoks Workshop in support of VII Photo Agency. Manik was also sharing the judging panel with the world’s top photo editors including Time, New York Times, CNN and many others for Fotovisura Grant 2012. Manik was recently selected to be on the panel for LUCEO Student awards 2013 amongst the top 100 panelist from the world. Manik has also served as a portfolio reviewer in various international festivals including FORMAT International Photography Festival, United Kingdom, Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival, Thailand, Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia and  Voies-Off Arles, France. We are very excited to have him on board and look forward to plenty of exciting collaborations, discussions, and events in the future. *

JULY 2013

ASIA-PACIFIC PHOTOBOOK ARCHIVE was featured at NITE ART. The ASIA-PACIFIC PHOTOBOOK ARCHIVE set up a Photobook Library at Edmund Pearce Gallery from 6-11pm on Wednesday on the 24th July. We displayed a small selection of books for  browsing pleasure … photobooks from Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, & New Zealand, most of which Melbourne had never seen before! Hundreds upon hundreds of people were able to see and explore the books – even Tony Ellwood, Director of the National Gallery of Victoria popped in for a quick look! “NITE ART is a new art event and digital platform for Melbourne. For the first time on one night, Melbournians can experience simultaneous gallery openings and art walk across 21 well-known, cutting edge and experimental gallery and artist run spaces in the CBD and Nth Melbourne. Nite Art is co-created by a group of creative industry professionals wanting new ways to talk about and experience art in Melbourne. United by a shared passion for contemporary art, and influenced by visual arts and culture, founding partners include Deborah Stahle, founder of Artwalk Melbourne; Andrea Nixon of branding and communications consultancy, Nixon Counsel; Andrew Ashton, leading communication and creative specialist, writer and artist behind Work Art Life; and Jason McQuoid, director of new photography gallery, Edmund Pearce. Collectively creatively open.” Here’s our display table at NITE ART, ably marshalled by Emma Phillips & Sarah Pannell.   image image_4 image_3 image_2 image_1 *

JUNE 2013

ASIA-PACIFIC PHOTOBOOK ARCHIVE WAS FEATURED AT OBSCURA FESTIVAL MALAYSIA The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive was featured at the Obscura Festival of Photography, Penang/Georgetown, Malaysia. The festival was held from the 21-30 June. The APPA sent over 30 books from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China, India and more for a photo library set up for the duration of the festival. The festival was co-ordinated by Vignes Balasingam, and special guests were Maggie Steber, Ian Teh, Yumi Goto, Che Ahmad Azhar, Yanming, and Pablo Bartholomew. In addition the APPA director Daniel Boetker-Smith and Australia/German award-winning photographer Katrin Koenning curated a slideshow for the festival of contemporary documentary photography from Australia and New Zealand featuring the work of: Kristian Haggblom Kelly Hussey-Smith & Alan Hill George Voulgaropoulos Stacey Arezou Mehrfar Warwick Baker Solomon Mortimer Mohini Chandra Simone Rosenbauer Phuong Ngo Jane Brown Michael Miller Rebecca Smith Raphaela Rosella Jessie Boylan Lee Grant Jagath Dheerasekara Shauna Greyerbiehl Georgia Metaxas David Straight Jesse Marlow image_14 image_12 image_16 image_23 image_29 image_32 image_39 image_50 image_52 image_54 image_55 image_61 image_76 image_78 image_82

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