Bai Longhai’s ‘Treevia’ is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Photographer/s: Bai Linghai

Book Title: Treevia

Place of publication: n/a

Year of publication: 2018

Publisher: Imageless Press Limited

Dimensions of book: 185 x 245 mm

Edition size: 500

Binding, paper & printing details: Card cover with gate folds, perfect bound

Number of pages: 80

Number of pictures: 84

Designer: AKIRAHOU/ Jing Xuejiao

Editor: Tintin Wong

Printer: n/a

ISBN: 978-988-79068-0-3

Retail price: $30.00

Where to buy: Imageless Press

Link/s to existing book reviews: n/a


Treevia is a word combine with “tree”and“trivia”.It is a poetic photobook by photographer Bai Linghai.

Bai Linghai is talented young photographer lived in back and forth between China and United States. He took tons of photos around his daily lives, especially about the plant. Due to the differences in plant diversity of biodiversity, the two countries form unique landscapes,and also reflect the different relationship between people and nature in the East and West.