Alice Blanch’s WILD WANDERINGS is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Book Title: Wild Wanderings

Photographer/s: Alice Blanch

Place of publication: Adelaide, Australia

Year of publication: 2016

Publisher: Self published

Dimensions of book: 210 x 150 mm

Edition size: 100

Binding, paper & printing details: soft cover, saddle stitch staple bound, digital colour prints on uncoated recycled paper

Number of pages:36

Number of pictures: 26

Designer: Alice Blanch

Editor: Alice Blanch

Printer: Keystone Printing

ISBN: n/a

Retail price: $12 AUD

Where to buy; Stores, distributors URLs: ‘Artist’s website

Link/s to existing book reviews: n/a

Summary of project:

I walk and I wander

In places near and far

Some highly habitated,

Others remote and removed.

I walk

With a quiet awareness

Open and present

To all the surrounds me.

I walk

With camera in hand

Contemplating stillness

Within the ever shifting nature

Of the land.

I hope there is something

You can find for yourself,

Within my wild wanderings

Alice Blanch, 2016
Wild Wanderings presents a selection of 35mm photographs captured during times of travel on foot through the natural landscapes of Australia and New Zealand”