Edwina Richards & Mark Wojcik’s ADAMSTOWN/HEXHAM is now part of Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive



Book Title: Adamstown/ Hexham

Photographer/s: Edwina Richards & Mark

Place of publication: Newcastle

Year of publication: 2015

Publisher: 2hrs North

Dimensions of book (mm):210×450

Edition size: n/a

Binding, paper & printing details: Softcover, saddle stitch (staple).

Number of pages: 28

Number of pictures:29

Designer: Dylan Smith

Editor: Dylan Smith

Printer: n/a

ISBN: n/a

Retail price: $10

Where to buy; Stores, distributors URLs: http://2hrsnorth.tictail.com/product/adamstown-hexham

Link/s to existing book reviews: n/a

Summary of project (150 wds): Released March 2015 by the 2hrsnorth Newcastle based photography collective this book makes up one of the 12 books released as a part of the project to document all the Suburbs of Newcastle over a six month period 2014-2015.

Photographer’s Website: http://www.2hrsnorth.com

URL link to project: http://www.2hrsnorth.com