David Cook’s MEET ME IN THE SQUARE: CHRISTCHURCH 1983-1987 is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Book Title: Meet Me in the Square: Christchurch 1983-1987

Photographer/s: David Cook

Place of publication: Christchurch, New Zealand

Year of publication: 2014

Publisher: Christchurch Art Gallery

Dimensions of book: 27 x 21 cm

Edition size: 1500

Binding, paper & printing details: Hardcover, block case binding, duotone b&w printing on semi-matt paper.

Number of pages: 180

Number of pictures: 77

Designer: Jonty Valentine

Editor: n/a

Printer: Printed in China (via the Australian Book Connection)

ISBN: 978-1-877375-37-8

Retail price: $49.99 NZ

Where to buy:  Christchurch Art Gallery

Link/s to existing book reviews:’Land Fall Review‘ & ‘Havey Benge’s Blog‘ 

Summary of project:

“After Christchurch suffered a major earthquake in 2011, photographer David Cook returned to his former hometown and found the central city irreparably damaged. He was inspired to unearth his archive of 6000 photographs of the city he’d shot in his 20’s, rebuilding through images of the city as he remembered it. Full-bleed, uncaptioned images trace the journeys of punks, nuns, bell-ringers and beer-drinkers. The book also includes an insert of diary note and ephemera”.

David Cook