Solomon Mortimer & Zahra Killeen-Chance’s WHEN THE SUN SETS YOUR EYES CHANGE COLOUR (IHOPE THIS IS TRUE) is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Book Title: When the Sun Sets Your Eyes Change Colour (I hope this is true)

Photographer/s: Zahra Killeen-Chance & Solomon Mortimer

Place of publication: New Zealand

Year of publication: 2014

Publisher: Self published

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 154 x 100 mm

Edition size: 45

Binding, paper & printing details: Soft cover with blind emboss, section sewn digital black and white prints on uncoated paper with rounded corners.

Number of pages: 64

Number of pictures: 38

ISBN: n/a

Retail price: $50 AUD

Where to buy: Out of Print

Summary of project:

“Produced for an exhibition by the same name. It is a retrospective look at the relationship between Solomon Mortimer and Zahra Killeen-Chance. Very democratically divided and primarily featuring diptychs .”

Solomon Mortimer