Dito Yuwono’s RECOLLECTING MEMORIES OF TUKANG FOTO KELILING is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Book Title: Recollecting Memories of Tukang Foto Keliling (Itinerant Photographer)

Photographer/s: Dito Yuwono

Place of publication: Yogyakarta,Indonesia

Year of publication: 2014

Publisher: Self published

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 210 x 150 mm

Edition size: n/a

Binding, paper & printing details:

Number of pages: 64

Number of pictures: 26

Retail price: n/a

Where to buy: NFS

Summary of project:

At the end of 2013, I initiated a project titled “Recollecting Memories: Tukang Foto Keliling (Itinerant Photographer).This on-going project is a research based art project that focuses on tracking the practices of tourism photography in Kaliurang. Kaliurang is a tourism area located at the slope of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta (Indonesia). Before the Merapi eruption in 1994, this resort area was very popular an then it gradually considered obsolete and the reputation fade away as tourist resort.

In this project, I invite an informal group of itinerant photographer who was active aroun 1981 – 2005 in Kaliurang. Tracing the history of photography practices conducted by this anonymous group will not only give an overview of photography from the economic aspects of tourism, but also capable of becoming the pathway to learn about the history of region, the social relations between the local and the newcomers, and the political power play over the economic practices.

This project began with a research about the photo archives as well as memory of tourism photographic practices according to these photographers. This study will be followed by a retrospective exhibition of photography group that will show their photo archives that have never been shown before. The research is expected to give an overview of the history of tourism photography practice in the region and also the political power that works in the realm of photography during the New Order.”

Dito Yuwono