Peter Lyssiotis & Theo Strasser’s DOG EAT DOG is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Book Title: Dog Eat Dog

Photographer/s: Peter Lyssiotis & Theo Strasser

Place of publication: Melbourne, Australia

Year of publication: 2011

Publisher: Masterthief: Anajah Press

Language: English

Dimensions of book (cm or inches): 210 x 148 mm

Binding, paper & printing details: Saddle stitch, staple bound, colour & black and white photocopy

Number of pages: 38

Summary of project:

An artists’ book which pits photomontages of images and slogans of war, weapons, violence, and corporate competition against innocent victims (greeting cards for newborn babies, a row of toddlers, and a newspaper clipping relating the story of how, for eight days, the charred body of a fifteen-month old Palestinian girl was left to be eaten by dogs as soldiers from one of the world’s most powerful armies marched by). Paint is superimposed on some of the images.”

National Library of Australia