Atsushi Fujiwara’s POET ISLAND is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Book Title: Poet Island

Photographer/s: Atsushi Fujiwara

Place of publication: Tokyo, Japan

Year of publication: 2015

Publisher: Sokyusha

Language: English, Japanese

Dimensions of book (cm or inches): 28 x 24 cm

Edition size: 600

Binding, paper & printing details: Hard cover, perfect bound, offset double toned black and white

Number of pages:72

Number of pictures: 61

Designer: Koichi Hara (trout)

Editor: Michitaka Ohta

Printer: Sun M color Co. LTD

ISBN: 978-4-904120-47-7

Retail price: 45 EUR

Where to buy: Personal online store

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Summary of project: Published by Sokyusha, Fujiwara Atshushi’s Poet Island is a slow and sentimental documentation of the abandoned spaces on Nagashima Island and Nagashima Aisen and Komyo-en, sanitariums where the diseased people of Hansen were quarantined away from the rest of Japan. He muses on the work of famous pre-war poet Kaijin Akashi’s, who was quarantined there and his own faded memories of the place that he too visited as a child.