Kate Molenkamp’s OUTLANDER is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: 외국인 (Outlander)

Photographer: Kate Molenkamp

Date of publication:  2015

Place of Publication: Melbourne, Australia

Language: English, Korean

Dimensions of book: 15 x 21 cm

Number of pages: 64

Edition size: First edition of 50 (SOLD OUT)

Publisher: Self Published

Summary of Project:

“As a foreigner in Asia, the intensity of urban life is a confronting experience; social and cultural peculiarities attribute to a sense of displacement.

Eventually, one begins to observe and identify familiarity in the exotic – Patterns in human behaviour and in the social landscape, where one discovers the profound influence of western culture – mass consumption, pop culture and architecture.

Outlander is a curious social documentary on urban life, examined by a foreigner in the Republic of Korea, located south of the 38th Parallel.”

Kate Molenkamp