MoMento’s GEOGRAPHY AND TRAVEL is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: Geography and Travel : Issue 16

Photographer: Conor Clarke, Anton Maurer, Talia Smith, Zhang Chao, Zhang Kechun

Date of publication:  2014

Place of Publication: Auckland, New Zealand

Language: English

Dimensions of book:  27 x 21 cm

Number of pages: 16

Publisher: PhotoForum New Zealand

Design: Shelley Jacobson

Summary of Project:

Geography and Travel : Issue 16 of MoMento, PhotoForum New Zealand Members’ Magazine. With an essay by Christine McFetridge. MoMento Issue 15 & 16 have been published as a pair. Their titles are derived from the Dewey Decimal Classifications “990 History of other areas” and “910 Geography & Travel.