Isabella Capezio’s SEARCHING FOR THE SACRED is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: Searching for the Sacred

Photographer: Isabella Capezio

Date of publication:  2014

Place of Publication: Melbourne, Australia

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 20 x 25 cm 

Number of pages: 60

Edition size: 50

Publisher: Self Published

Retail price: $25 AUD

Summary of Project:

“If one considers our traces in the landscape to be a coded language of some sort, then the act of photographing those traces and piecing them together becomes a form of cryptography. It’s like a poetic archeology that, rather than attempting to arrive at something conclusive, looks for patterns and rhythms that create congruity out of the stuttering and incomplete utterances of the visible world. These harmonies, when we’re lucky enough to find them, are probably the closest we can get to actual ‘meaning’.” – RON JUDE

“Looking deeper into society and the places we inhabit has made me value the small private understandings that we collect from the world around us. Through photography’s subjective interpretations the crux of sacred places becomes less about what is being looked at and more about how we are looking. Considering the spaces between the religious and the secular, individual and collective, material and invisible, describable and ineffable aspects of sacred places has encouraged me to define the importance of the personal element of the sacred, one which liberates it from an institutional framework. This has been revealed and supported through the philosophy of photography, which acknowledges the experiential qualities that have a significant effect on our understandings of ourselves and our being-in-the-world. The performance of photography exposes itself as one of a number of different actions that that can elicit different ways of seeing: it unbinds the rigid constraints of mapped places, and alludes to a fluid understanding of concepts and the potential for them to be (re)presented.”

Isabella Capezio