Kaamna Patel’s APPARITIONS is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Book Title: Apparitions

Photographer: Kaamna Patel

Date/Place of Publication: October 2014, Mumbai/Paris

Dimensions of Book: 5″x 8″

Edition Size: 50 (signed & numbered)

Type of Printing/Binding/etc.: Hardbound, Indigo print on ‘Natural Evolution’ paper, 56 pages, soft cover, satin sleeve with embroidered title.

Price: 25 Euros

Summary of Project:

“Apparitions is a portrait of home as experienced over extended periods of time, virtually and remotely. All the images are made using screen captures over a series of Skype conversations facilitated by a choppy internet connection. ‘Apparitions’ explores the effect that time and technology have in my perception of, and in the development of, spaces and relationships that are closest to me, even if not geographically. The project would not have been possible without my Mother who handles the seeing device on the other end.’