Nadia J.Mahfix’s [N] IS THIS THE END? is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: [n] is this the end?

Photographer: Nadia J.Mahfix

Date of publication:  2014

Place of Publication: Kuala Lumpur

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 21 x 21 cm

Number of pages: 42

Design: Shafig Halim of Jargon Books

Summary of Project:

Is this the end?, started off as a portfolio to expose my photography works and to give a better understanding of who I am as a photographer.

The content of the book comprises of black and white images of various subjects but with a recurring theme. My strange fascination with the unknown and the fleetingness of life influences my photography. The subject matter in “Is this the end?” ranges from an image of a dead bird sprawled on the street to a fish cut opened to statues of Saints, among others. Each image is a visual interpretation of my “existential” issues. They are not to provide answers but rather, they are to document my journey in finding what it is that I am looking for.”