Wawi Navarroza’s DOMINION is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: Dominion

Photographer: Wawi Navarroza

Date of publication:  2011

Language: English

Dimensions of book:  42 x 30 cm

Number of pages: 14

Publisher: Stephanian

Summary of Project:

“After the storm, my studio was destroyed by the typhoon. My first impulse was the leave. I headed to the volcanoes. Lava rock. White ash. Black sand – doing the same thing, again and again. Watching. Destruction. Fertitlity. It’s not clear. Duality of land covered by a burial cloth, as a measure of the wilderness, denied of scale. An open sky. The emotional temperature of places echoes in at the heart of man, coming face to face with nature brut — at it’s basic, kinetic, at the same time seemingly mute — I have arrived, looking at the fundamental. Dust. Stars. Volcanic. Here we all are. Land.”