Lau Chi-chung’s DOUBLE GAZE is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title:  Double Gaze

Photographer: Lau Chi-chung

Date of publication:  2012

Place of Publication: Hong Kong

Dimensions of book:  22 x 29.7 cm

Number of pages: 64

ISBN: 978-988-13446-0-1

Retail price: 150 HKD

Summary of Project:

“I see ‘Double Gaze’ as a point of view as well as a form of action. It involves at least two parties engaging in a dialogue. Photography, thus, is a form of double gaze. Inhabiting different time and space, I who stood behind the lens and the object which I chose to shoot gaze at each other in silence. A forgotten portrait serves as a single reminder that a place now desolated was once bustling with excitements. Previously an embodiment of an era, the characters captured in the castoff portraits continue to stay behind, symbolically confronting the despondence. The metapictures represent some form of recreation of the distance: A distance some form of recreation of the distance: A distance between me and the photographers before me, and a distance between the present time and the time past. Some contend that certain sacrifices are inevitable in urban developments. This series shows that there are no mere contentions but real consequences.”

Lau Chi-chung