Christopher Young’s FIVE is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: Five

Photographer: Christopher Young

Date of publication:  2014

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 21 x 26 cm

Number of pages: 64

Edition size: Print on demand

Printer: Blurb

ISBN: 978-0-9924101-3-1

Retail price: $67.47

Summary of Project:

‘Five’ explores the power of ambiguity, minimalism and ‘the frame’ in photography. In contrast to urban exploration, which is often adrenaline-fuelled, my work is a formalised process that is much more about absorbing, reading and activating spaces that have somehow been disconnected from general society. Typically I enter spaces blind, only with a vague idea of what I am about to encounter. Any ambiguity in the resultant images should enable a new, personalised reading by someone who then views the work. Essentially replicating my original experience. The traces of normal human activities that occurred within these confines are ultimately what I found compelling. What or who is not there? What can’t we quite see? How do we overcome the helplessness of not being able to ground an image in a time line? The images are an attempt to exploit this helplessness and the illusion of reality to create a more visceral, rather than intellectual response to images.