Sarah Pannell & Nicholas Hawker’s HYPER OBSERVATION ISSUE NO.01 is now part of the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive

2014-09-17 16.23.30

Title: Hyper Observaton Issue No.01

Photographer: Sarah Pannell & Nicholas Hawker

Date of publication: 2014

Place of Publication: Melbourne, Australia

Language: English

Dimensions of book:  168 x 240mm

Number of pages: 20 pages

Publisher: Self-published / Hyper Observation

Design: Nicholas Hawker

Summary of Project:

Hyper Observation is an exploration in documenting ones everyday spaces with astute attention given to familiar surroundings often overlooked by others.

Issue No. 01 is an introduction to this habitual process as a photographic collaboration between fellow photographers and friends Sarah Pannell & Nicholas Hawker

Self published and printed in Australia, in an Edition of 50.