Eric Gunderson’s GOOD DAY MR KNUTSEN is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Good Day Mr Knutsen

Photographer: Eric Gunderson

Date of publication: 2014

Place of Publication: Melbourne, Australia

Language: English

Dimensions of book:  230 x 170 mm

Number of pages: 72

Edition size: 500

Publisher: Jameric Editions

Design: Eric Gunderson

Printer: Grenadier Press, Singapore

ISBN: 978-0-9925431-0-5

Summary of Project:

Everyday we greet each other and everyday we smile.  We say “how are you?” and talk about the weather and other unimportant topics we are meant to talk about in order to move on in the day in hopes of avoiding those awkward silences.
But everyday I’m left wanting to know more.  I wonder who is really behind there.

When will we remove the masks we wear and reveal ourselves?  We go on day by day as if starring in our own film.  That endless repertoire in our minds allows us to insert the persona we see suits the situation we find ourselves in.  Like Mr Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage….”
Maybe I need to catch you between roles…

After what feels like a life time of searching, someone finally let me see behind the mask.
– People are far more interesting back there.

Allow me to introduce you to Mr Knutsen.