Harvey Benge’s NOT HERE. NOT THERE. is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: Not Here. Not There.

Photographer: Harvey Benge

Date of publication: 1998

Place of Publication: England, United Kingdom

Language: English

Dimensions of book:  29 x 23.5 cm

Number of pages: 106

Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing

Design: Harvey Benge

Printer: Condor Productions, Hong Kong

ISBN: 1899235760

Summary of Project:

“These images explore the confining and containing structures of the urban environment. City dwellers the world over live their lives within these rigidly delineated territories. Directed by signs, lights, warnings, we conform; perhaps in the wistful belief that there is indeed ‘safety in numbers’. To ignore the city’s laws and limits poses a danger that is every bit as real as the dangers of the unpredictable open spaces of the ‘natural’ world.

But there are signs of dissent too. Small anarchies for the observant. Unexpected intrusions by the untamed world into this controlled and controlling environment. In this series Benge sets out to question just what is natural. For many urbanites the natural world exists as an increasingly elusive place. No matter where we are the natural world is always somewhere else. It is packaged and sold to us as a place of purity, danger, adventure, mystery, solitude. We dream of escaping to it. Yet we fail to see the mystery and intrigue in the everyday urban events that surround us.”