Simon Aubor’s DOCUMENT A: HIDDEN is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

photo 4

Title: Document A: Hidden

Photographer: Simon Aubor

Date of publication:  2014

Language: English

Place of Publication: Melbourne, Australia

Dimensions of book: 210 x 160mm

Number of pages: 36

Edition size: 200

Retail price: $15 AUD


“I have been working on “Document A: Hidden” for the past year. For this book I have selected images from my film archive between the years 2011-2013. All of the images have been shot sporadically and play with the idea of concealment. 

From capturing a portrait concealing the face, to the voyeuristic photographer hiding in the bushes taking a shot of a neighbour bringing in their shopping, I have collated photographs of people amongst different spaces that are ‘hidden’.”

Document A: Hidden is the first issue release of  S.A. Documents.