Jesse Marlow’s WOUNDED is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Title: Wounded

Photographer: Jesse Marlow

Date of publication:  2005

Place of Publication: Melbourne

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 6×8½ in

Number of pages: 88

Edition size: 1000

Publisher: Sling Shot Press

ISBN: 9789881531759

Retail price: $70 AUD

Summary of Project:

“Having my arm in a sling and unable to take photos for a couple of weeks, all I began seeing out on the street in my daily travels were people in similar situations. Seeing people go about their daily routines despite some kind of visible superficial injury inspired me and the idea quickly developed into a project. I shot a few photos to begin with but was unsure of how serious a project it was going to be. I showed some colleagues who were really supportive and encouraging of the project, which then gave me the confidence and belief to start shooting the project seriously. For the next two years, it’s all I shot when I was out on the street. It became an obsession. I was an expert at spotting someone in a crowd with a bandage or sling.” Jesse Marlow