Rinko Kawauchi’s HANABI is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

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Title: Hanabi

Photographer: Rinko Kawauchi

Date of publication:  2001, 2nd edition 2009

Place of Publication: Japan

Language: Japanese

Dimensions of book: 190 x 210mm

Number of pages: 64

Publisher: Little More Books

Editor: Masakazu Takei

ISBN: 978-4-89815-053-5

Retail price: 4000 yen

Summary of Project:

The second collection in Kawauchi’s trilogy of photo books depicts the photographer’s vision of a fireworks (hanabi) show. The breezes of summer nights, the footsteps of children running alongside a riverbank, clouds portending warm showers and the sweet smell of apple candy are at powerfully nostalgic, at once both beautiful and melancholy.