Soula Mantalvanos’ ART & CHRONIC PAIN – SELF PORTRAIT is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Art & Chronic Pain – Self Portrait

Soula Mantalvanos

Photographers: Jason Reekie & Marija Ivkovic

Date of publication:  2013

Place of Publication: Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 195 x 255 mm

Number of pages: 32 plus dust jacket with attached strings

Edition size: 500

ISBN: 978-0-9923814-0-0

Retail price: $39 AUD

Summary of Project:

“Follow Soula’s pain journey through her artwork and strings of her self portrait marionette. The book, Art & Chronic Pain – Self Portrait is a culmination of fine art, design and personal experience with the chronic pelvic pain issue, Pudendal Neuralgia. Self expression and the ability to extract it in a creative form can be an incredible catharsis, and in this case has also produced an overwhelming artistic piece of work. The limited edition cover has personally attached strings, the inside presenting Soula’s drawings and her artworks, including her Doug Moran Portrait Painting Prize semi-finalist piece.”