Li Jun’s IMPERMANENT INSTANT is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Impermanent Instant

Photographer: Li Jun 

Date of publication: 2012

Edition size: 120

Language: English / Chinese

Dimensions of book: 200 x 130mm

Number of pages: 24

Publisher: 88 Books

ISBN: 978-0-9879015-2-1

Retail price: $10

Summary of Project:

“We Chinese people are struggling in the whirlpool of cynicism with no exception.

This is my understanding of time. Our expressions are frenzied; our bodies are twisted. We march forward with vigorous strides. People get extreme self-satisfaction in all respects, but what upsurges behind is a more thorough dissatisfaction and helplessness, because some in-born things cannot be fulfilled, and the reality cannot be altered. From within we get caprice. This status seems like a person who has stopped psychological growth in his childhood. His body is mature but he has given up the self-improvement and satisfaction of the mind. He just indulges in the pleasure of enjoying life whenever possible.

However, those unfulfilled parts are always more important and genuine parts. But we decide to forget them and bury them in a secret way. We are struggling, but we are not in a dilemma. ” – Li Jun

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