Luo Changwei’s DA QIN ISLAND is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Da Qin Island

Photographer: Luo Changwei 

Date of publication:  2012

Edition size: 120

Language: English/Chinese

Dimensions of book: 200 x 130mm

Number of pages: 28

Publisher: 88 Books

ISBN: 978-0-9879015-7-6

Retail price: $10 USD

Summary of Project:

The Da Qin Hospital in the South China Sea was built in 1924, it had treated more than 1200 leprosy patients. After 20 years’ fight, the last 44 patients finally moved away from this island in January 9, 2011. Most of the patients had been living on the island for decades.  The advanced medicine can cure the illness of them, but it is hard to eliminate the discrimination and ignorance of the public. Nevertheless, the patients still strive for their dignity and rights through their own empowerment and love among themselves.  Their hard lives reflect not only the discrepancy in our ethics and morals, but also that of our humanity.