Almond Chu’s HONG KONG/CHINA PHOTOGRAPHERS VOL. 3 is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Hong Kong/China Photographers Three

Photographer: Almond Chu

Text: Wolfgang Kubin

Date of publication: 2009

Place of publication: Hong Kong

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 213 mm x 278 mm

Number of pages: 208

Publisher: Asia One

ISBN: 978-988-17998-2-1

Retail price: $300 HK + $50 USD

Summary of Project:

“A realist and reactionary devoted to the permanent values of photography, professional photographer and photographic artist Almond Chu does not compromise to the demands of a specific genre. His photography – from his renowned monochrome human figures and still-lifes to his colour landscapes and ‘Punks’ – draws viewers into an austerely personal, poetic reality… In this Hong Kong/China Photographers Three, Chu leads us through his journey of exquisite sensitivity to beauty in his renowned series – Portrait (1985-2007), Flower (1991-2001), Nude (1985-2007), The Bride with White Hair (Nude)(2007), Life Still (1995-99), Artificial Landscape (2004-08), and Parade (2004-08). His achievements have been widely recognised by commercial and artistic, local and international arena. His art is covered by interviews and publications worldwide.”

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