Christopher Morris’ YO NO HABLO ESPANOL is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Yo No Hablo Español

Photographers: Christoper Morris

Date of publication: 2012

Place of publication: N/A

Language: English

Edition size: 100 signed & numbered

Dimensions of book: 245mm x 210mm

Number of pages: 52 pages, perfect bound, full colour

Publisher: Izrock

Retail price: $45 AUD

Project Summary:

“In 2011, photographer Christopher Morris returned to Central North Mexico, capturing the banality of the everyday and giving it a sense of dignity. In his forthcoming book, Yo No Hablo Espanol (I Don’t Speak Spanish), he reveals the resolute pride of landscapes and life in a parched Mexico rarely glimpsed.

Christopher’s photographs evoke a strength, beauty, and timelessness in the ordinary. His choice of subject matter juxtaposes epic scale with up-close, unexpected encounters. From the stretch of roller-coaster mountains to the quiet dustbowl of a deserted, cactus-punctured street, Christopher’s images capture the rugged nobility of the people and the land on which they live.”