Yuji Hamada’s PRIMAL MOUNTAIN is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Primal Mountain

Photographer: Yuji Hamada

Date of publication: 2011-2012

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 210 x 148 mm

Number of pages: 28

Summary of Project:

“The series, Primal Mountain is actually not about the mountains at all. My focus is on things beyond what eyes can see, and what the heart feels when looking at those photographs. Much like the philosophy of traditional ink wash paintings of East Asia (or Sumi-e), this series is created to convey the soul of a mountain and its surroundings with as little elements as possible. ” – Yuji Hamada

“In all its simplicity, Primal Mountain is a little gem, even as a dummy. The A5 format is unassuming and the concept deceptively simple. Making use of a single sheet of aluminium foil, Hamada folded and kneaded shapes that prompt an immediate association with mountain ranges. Once the pieces of foil have been photographed, the material is completely transformed into bare mountain peaks: vast, majestic and apparently located at a great distance from the spot where the photographer is standing. After countless attempts and failures, Hamada succeeded in capturing the spirit of the mountain in nothing but a single, wafer-thin piece of silver paper. In doing so Hamada places himself in the tradition of Sumi-e, the philosophy behind the traditional watercolors of the Far East in which an attempt is made to capture the soul of things using the minimum possible means.”