Saori Ninomiya’s REQUIEM is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

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Title: Requiem

Photographer: Saori Ninomiya

Date of publication: June 2012

Place of publication: Tokyo, Japan

Language: English, Japanese

Dimensions of book: 250 x 176 mm

Edition size: 500

Type of binding: Soft cover, book binding

Number of pages: 48

Publisher: Mark Pearson, Zen Foto Gallery

ISBN: 978-4-905453-15-4

Category: Artist Book

Price: 2500 JPY

Summary of Project:

“The author has a very superficial view of art. Of course some works that are now accepted as great were made for commercial reasons or to express the artist`s concept of beauty, but can any of these criteria be applied to the work of van Gogh or Bosch, even Picasso or Miro? While Saori Ninomiya`s works contain beauty, if perhaps a terrible beauty, these criteria are woefully inadequate in explaining the reasons the work came into being and their intensity.”