TOP 20: A COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY CHINESE PHOTOGRAPHY is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title:   TOP 20: Contempoary Chinese Photography 20111

Photographer/s:  Multiple. China Photographers Association.

Date of publication: October 2011

Place of publication: Hangzhou, China

Language:  Chinese

Dimensions of book: 188 x 221mm

Edition size:

Number of pages:  575

Number of images:  400

Cover, Type of binding:  Paperback

Type of printing:  C4+C2

Type of paper: Coated Paper

Printer:  IMGS Printing CO.,Ltd

Publisher:  Zhejiang Photographic Press

Publication designer:  Gu Ye

Publication editor:  Jing Diyun /Chen Yun

ISBN:   978-7-80686-751-8

Category: Photography Book

Retail price: 185RMB

Summary of project (add additional pages if required):

The curated collection of cutting-edge contempoary Chinese photography from 2011.