Li Nan’s INFLUENCE is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive


Title: Influence

Photographer/s:  Author: LI Nan

Date of publication:  March 2013

Place of publication:  Hangzhou, China

Language:   Chinese

Dimensions of book:  240 x 168mm

Edition size:

Number of pages:  307

Number of images:  205

Cover, Type of binding:  Paperback

Type of printing:  C4+C2

Type of paper: Matte art paper

Printer:  IMGS Printing co.,Ltd

Publisher:  Zhejiang Photographic Press

Publication designer:  Gu Ye

Publication editor: Zheng Youyou

ISBN:  978-7-5514-0271-2

Category: Photography study

Retail price: 78RMB

Summary of project

This book is a collection of work by 30 influential Chinese photographers including an in-depth interview by a woman who is considered to be a highly influential photographic critic in China. The book analyses their ideological production and looks at how Chinese contemporary photography has emerged and developed alongside foreign photography, and the unique place China has in the world of photography.