Nozomi Iijima’s SCOFFING PIG (NEWSPAPER EDITION) is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

scoffing pig

Title: Scoffing Pig

Photographers: Nozomi Iijima

Date of publication: 2013

Place of publication: Japan

Language: Japanese/English

Dimensions of book: 40cm x 28cm

Number of pages: 40

Number of images:

Cover, Type of binding: Newspaper (Tabloid)

Type of printing: Newsprint

Type of paper: Newspaper

Printer: Reminders Photography Stronghold

Publisher:  Reminders Photography Stronghold

Publication editor: Yumi Goto


Retail price: 1000 Yen

Summary of Project:

Excerpt “I grew up as a farmer’s daughter. My home sandwiched between a pigpen and a farmhouse and I often fell asleep to the sounds of pigs grunting and snorting at night. I have lived my life surrounded by the smell of pig feed and manure. When I was a school kid a classmate visited our farm as part of the school curriculum. After seeing the pigs caged in pens I remember her words, ‘I feel sorry for the animals.’

Feeling a silent, close sense of attachment to these animals is contrary to the hardened emotions when I think of them as livestock. These contradictory feelings are like a hardened stone rolling over and over in my heart.

These are our stories.”