Vincci Huang’s EYES IN THE AIR is now part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Eyes in the air

Title: Eyes in the Air

Photographer: Vincci Huang

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 210x148mm

Edition size: 30

Number of pages: 20

Number of images: 18

Cover; Type of binding: Saddle stitched

Type of printing: Digital printing

Publication designer: Vincci Huang

Publication editor: Vincci Huang

Category: Artist book

Retail price: GBP £5

Summary of project: Embracing imperfection and chance this work is a project incorporating double exposures to record everyday occurrences in daily life in Taiwan and the UK. During time studying abroad in the UK in 2012 I sought to bring the lives of my family and friends back home together with mine in a visual way. Although physically separated by thousands of miles we shared our life experiences with each other by registering images on the same film. After they finished making pictures on the roll of film they sent it to me in the UK and I exposed the same roll again, making new images over the first set. It is a multi-layered cultural exchange.