Lee Grant’s BELCO PRIDE is now in the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Belco Pride

Title: Belco Pride

Photographer: Lee Grant

Date of publication: January 2013

Place of publication: Australia

Language: English

Dimensions of book: 250x285mm

Edition size: 1000

Number of pages: 136

Number of images: 65

Cover, type of binding: HB Cloth cover, with 4 colour tip on & debossing & dustjacket

Type of printing: Offset

Printer: Everbest Printers PTY Ltd

Publisher: Au.thentic Press

Publication designer: one8one7

Publication editor: Lee Grant

ISBN: 978-0-9873495-0-7

Category: Photobook

Retail price: AU$ 59.95

Summary of project: Belco Pride is a series of photographs that explores how belonging, connection and identity can emerge from a specific place. The place depicted here being the 25 northernmost suburbs of Canberra known as Belconnen, or to us locals, as ‘Belco’. Within this body of work Lee Grant seeks to reveal the intricacies of living in suburbs that may be dismissed by many but cherished by some. A place where its residents take ownership of where they are from, a place that can engender a sense of pride so strong it is literally written onto the body.