Welcome to the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive (APPA), a not-for-profit open-access physical archive of self-published and independent photobooks.

Submit your book and have it become part of photographic history, seen around the world, saved for posterity.

The APPA is a response to the boom in photographic self-publishing globally and is established to provide a ‘real’ way to see photobooks that would otherwise only be viewable online.

The Archive has a dedicated space in Melbourne Australia and is open to the public – importantly the Archive is also a travelling library, meaning the book you submit travels the world being shown at various event/fesitvals/exhibitions. We have exhibited thousands of books at festivals all over the world since 2013 in Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, UK, Ireland, USA

What to submit?

The focus of the APPA is the Asia-Pacific region, the criteria is simple, all material will be accepted that is either:

– produced by photographers/artists/publishers/galleries/collectives born or based in the Asia-Pacific region


– contain work produced in or thematically connected to the Asia-Pacific region

Books published in any Asia-Pacific language will be accepted. Anyone may submit work to the archive. All photobooks that meet the criteria above will be accepted into the archive.

The material that will be accepted into the archive can include:

– DIY photobooks – limited edition photobooks – print-on-demand photobooks – handmade books – Artist’s books – zines – exhibition catalogues

What do we do?

The APPA is a response to the European and American focus of most international discourses around photography and photobooks. The APPA is committed to promoting the production and dissemination of photobooks in the region. The APPA is acutely aware of the wealth of photographic talent in the region and hopes to become a vehicle for the promotion and showcase of the material in the archive through dedicated exhibitions, publications, collaborations, symposia, and guest lectures throughout the Asia-Pacific region and internationally.

The APPA will preserve and make accessible to current and future generations the broad practices and approaches encapsulated in the production of photobooks in the Asia-Pacific region. The APPA will provide a physical site for the public, artists and scholars alike to reflect on the photobook as a distinct and relevant phenomenon, now and into the future. International exhibitions, features, articles, and events will utilise the material in the archive. All items in the archive will be eligible for inclusion in these projects as they arise in the future.

The establishment of the APPA is inspired by and indebted to the tireless work of Larissa Leclair, founder of the US based Indie Photobook Library –

Who are we?

The Archive is coordinated by Daniel Boetker-Smith and Isabella Capezio

The Archive was established in 2013 by Daniel Boetker-Smith.

Daniel is the Dean of Studies of Photography Studies College (Melbourne), he is also a regular contributor to a number of Australian and international photographic publications – Voices of Photography, Source, Vault, British Journal of Photography, Photoeye, Paper Journal, and more.

Isabella is a Melbourne based photographer and lecturer at RMIT University. She was the co-founder and director of Ruffian Gallery – a home to socially aware photographers in Melbourne’s West and was involved with street art collective #Dysturb as their Australian education liaison.